Fourteenth: and Vera Wang

As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, I reflect on so many unique stories with our brides. When a client comes to us, they come in to share their wedding style story and ask us to become a part of it. This month’s blog features the tale of two different brides who both married at the beautiful Park Chateau. They also chose Vera Wang…and

Nicole Hunt

Vera Wang ”Kaitlyn”


Nicole began her wedding gown search at Kleinfeld’s and fell in love with a Lazaro gown that was outside of her budget. Her mother recalled hearing of a store called Vows, on TLC’s show “I Found The Gown.” They booked a girls weekend at the trendy Onyx Hotel in Boston and experienced shopping for top designer samples at 75-80% off.

I didn’t specifically want a Vera Wang gown because it seemed so out of reach. My heart was set on the Lazaro gown. I did go on the Vows website before my appointment and noticed the Vera Wang.
— Nicole Hunt

After their successful visit to Vows, Nicole and her mom attended Kleinfeld’s popular sample sale to find a veil and an additional reception dress at reduced prices. People were lined up with hopes of finding bridal style dreams at a bargain price.

Nicole Veil at Kleinfelds (1).jpeg

Nicole had one hour to try on dresses and accessories. After trying on dresses, she had little time to shop for a veil. With five minutes to spare, Nicole spotted a cathedral length veil with embroidered applique and tried it on in a cramped space. She decided to purchase the veil and take it home.

About a week later, Nicole tried on the veil to show her sister. They found a very noticeable hole right in the middle of the veil. They feared that if it caught on anything, it could tear and become much worse. Nicole reached out to to see if we could help.

Many brides contact me to see if I can repair a veil that has a hole or a tear in it. It is the most challenging thing to do. I have a few techniques that I have devised to cease it from getting worse, but the veil will never be the same. In Nicole’s case, she was lucky. I was able to match an applique and intricately hand sew over the “holes” while creating symmetry. There were more than one!
— Marie Hunt
The mini floral appliques that resemble butterflies were the areas I repaired. The veil turned out beautiful!

The mini floral appliques that resemble butterflies were the areas I repaired. The veil turned out beautiful!

I suggested adding double backed crystals to the top of the veil and transferring it to a handmade wire frame for a couture finish.

I suggested adding double backed crystals to the top of the veil and transferring it to a handmade wire frame for a couture finish.

My veil came back better than it looked when I purchased it! I always say my first mistake was not going to Marie from the beginning.
— Nicole Hunt

Wedding Day at the Park Chateau

Wedding Photography by Photo DH

Nicole’s wedding was only the third for the brand new, “everything you can think of” wedding venue after opening its doors.

Lia Zangari, the owner of  Bliss Hair Salon , found her way to the top of the preferred vendor list at the Chateau, which houses its own hair salon for the brides to get ready.

Lia Zangari, the owner of Bliss Hair Salon, found her way to the top of the preferred vendor list at the Chateau, which houses its own hair salon for the brides to get ready.

Nicole may look a bit familiar to our followers. After coming to and seeing her wedding pics, she began modeling for us. Her beauty now graces our home page, and she will be the sole model in next month’s blog shot on Martha’s Vineyard.
One of my favorite memories of my wedding day is putting on my veil and doing an impromptu boudoir photo shoot. After all that went into fixing my veil, I knew I wanted to showcase it. I didn’t discuss this with my photographer previously, but when I suggested it, he loved the idea. We spent quite a chunk of time creating these photos, and they came out amazing!
My mom was by my side with every decision I made. She zipped me into my gown, and that was the last moment of the day that we got to spend together, just her and me. My dad bought my dress for me. The first time he saw me in it, there were tears—-and a twirl.
The Park Chateau was everything I could ever want in a wedding venue. They were extremely accommodating for us. They were under major renovations when we booked. I had complete trust in them that the project would not only be completed in time but would become the most amazing wedding venue in New Jersey.

I always tell my brides, “Love your veil! Enjoy it! Wear it! Dance with it! Let it puddle! Let it blow!” Nicole did just that. She mastered dancing with it as though she was on Dancing With The Stars!

Don’t underestimate the power of a sample sale! I did wind up getting a second dress at the Kleinfeld sample sale. I found a Mark Zunino gown that was under $1000. I am a thrifty shopper in my day-to-day life, and I love a good deal, so it was fitting that I found two gowns at great prices!

Nicole has a few tips for brides looking to take her route when shopping for a wedding gown and accessories.

  • If getting a sample gown try to buy a dress nearest to your size. It is a lot easier to alter a size 6 to a size 2 than it is to go from a size 10 to a size 2, which is what I did!

  • Find a good tailor that you trust. I don’t even remember how I found the woman who altered my gowns, but I wasn’t 100% happy with the fit on my wedding day. Fit is SO important!

  • Make sure to inspect everything you purchase before leaving. There is no way to back out after buying a sample. Make sure you are with someone that can help you look over everything. I contacted Kleinfeld about my veil, and there was nothing they could do for me.

  • Cut out the middleman and go direct to! Honestly, you can tell the difference between a headpiece or veil bought off the rack. If you buy a quality piece it is more likely to stand the test of time.

Finally,…there is nothing like a little love from Vera Wang!


Dianna Carpenito

Vera Wang “Winifred”


According to Dianna, she visited just about every bridal store in the tri-state area. Vera Wang wasn’t what she was searching for. She was looking for whatever dress fit her best. The Wedding Salon in Manhasset, Long Island was her last stop! Dianna fell in love with Vera Wang’s “Winifred” ballgown which featured intricate corset seaming and a basque waistline with box pleats. The pearl and crystal beaded waist and signature Vera Wang bows on the center back bodice captured Dianna’s heart.

I totally lucked out when I found my dress. I had been everywhere and wasn’t finding “the one.” On Super Bowl Sunday, which was 11 months from my wedding, I decided to try The Wedding Salon. Again it was the same story. I tried on every dress and didn’t like any. I was about to leave when the manager brought me a gown ordered in the wrong size. When she opened the garment bag, I immediately knew that it was “the dress!”
— Dianna Carpenito

Dianna drove her mother, Barbara, crazy looking for the right headpiece and veil. It was her darling mom who found Barbara was a caretaker for and elderly woman whom she would take to bingo every Wednesday night. One night while at bingo, someone suggested and the rest was history! I never asked Dianna which bingo hall it was. My mom also goes to bingo on Wednesday nights. I would love it if the person who brought us together was my mother!

I went everywhere looking for a headpiece and veil. I did a ridiculous internet search and even contacted a company in Lebanon. Yes, I am that crazy! The difference between my experience at and everywhere else was that Marie was able to work with me to make my vision come to life. I went to a boutique in Brooklyn and asked if they could add some pearls to an existing piece. They wouldn’t budge. I am glad everywhere else didn’t work out because it led me to

Wedding Day at the Park Chateau

Wedding Photography by Philip Siciliano

Dianna was looking for something dramatic that would work with her sleek bridal hairstyle. She wanted bling and chunky pearls to compliment her waist detail. It took hours to add 60 pearls to an existing piece. I also made 18 separate pearl pins to give her the full coverage she wished for.

Dianna’s wedding day look was a perfect combination of texture and proportion. When I design for a client, I take many things into account. Ratio and balance are always crucial to my final concept; just the right amount of pearl, the perfect width, and depth that ends at specific points, balancing dress details with accessory details.


When I saw the images of Dianna and her dad on her wedding day, I had only one word in mind—- Rockstar!


Dianna describes her parents as perfectionists, who often like to be involved in a spirited fashion. Not on her wedding day, though. There were no complaints, and a beautiful calmness filled the air.


Veil placement is vital, especially with our handmade frames. Many bridal clients are requesting housecalls from me on their wedding day, as an added service, to ensure precise placement and securing bridal accessories. Glam by Nada created a glamorous hairstyle that worked perfectly with our designs, and she was spot on placing Dianna’s veil and headpiece.


The veil we designed for Dianna had a nickname in the production room. We called it “The Bear!” It took ten hours to place over 1000 pearls and crystals strategically. Her veil was 142” in length with an extended blusher. It was dramatically beautiful!

Many brides come into the shop and tell me that blushers are no longer in fashion. Couture blushers will never go out of style. We are masterful at creating beautiful blushers.
— Marie
My dad was very quiet. We didn’t speak walking to the chapel or even when we were waiting for the doors to open. I’d like to think we were on the same wavelength and just speaking with our hearts.
We booked the Park Chateau when it was just a shell under construction. One of the main reasons we picked it was because of the wedding chapel. I love high ceilings and exposed wood beams. When I went into what was going to be the ballroom, the ceiling height, the beauty of the expansive windows and the massive chandelier, sold me!

Dianna’s has advice for finding the perfect wedding gown.

  • Search, search, search!

  • Find a bridal store that you are most comfortable with and meet the seamstresses.

  • Trust your initial instinct when interacting with store employees. You don’t want to buy a dress somewhere that you don’t feel like you are being taken care of.

  • Read the reviews, both positive and negative, so you get a better sense of how they treat their customers.

Marie, I am grateful for the many hours you spent with me at the store just trying on the headpiece, playing around with my hair, and the countless hours you worked on my veil. Not to sound cliché, but everything was perfect!
— Dianna

As I finish this blog tonight and prepare to celebrate our 20th Anniversary with many brides and vendors on this Saturday, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all put the passion in me <3

Next month on the Fourteenth:

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