Your design experience starts before we even meet through chat, message, or email. We request pictures of your dress detail and any wedding day visions you have. Many brides travel a distance to see us, but don't feel this is your only option. See how we worked long distance with Brittany Tilley.


You may decide to choose one of our unique designs from our showroom or opt for a completely custom design. We walk you through the design process from concept, to which materials, components, and embellishments we will use in design. We measure you for every design detail to make sure your headpiece and veil are a perfect fit.


Our designs are intricately detailed. Fine French Laces are hand-cut, basted, and stitched. Veils are hand-gathered and hand-pressed. Every stone is hand placed in our beautiful headpiece designs. The creative options are endless because we hand make everything. Your finished design will be precisely as envisioned.